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LAMDA Testimonials

"Doing LAMDA is great because it helps me express myself in lots of different ways. It also helps with my confidence in performing in front of a large audience. Acting has always been a dream of mine and doing LAMDA with Mrs Blackmore is bringing me closer to achieving my dreams. Mrs Blackmore is a great teacher who is always ready and willing to help develop my talents. I have recently done my entry level exams in acting and I look forward to continue my acting lessons at a higher level."

- Rachael Faull, aged 8


"My daughter Rachael has always had a passion for acting from a very early age and it is so good to finally see her performing with the help of Mrs Heather Blackmore. Rachael loves what she does and Mrs Blackmore is a great inspiration for her. She always looks forward to her next lesson because she enjoys it so much and only now with Mrs Blackmore do I see a future in acting for Rachael. LAMDA is definitely recommended not only for children who aspire to be actors but also for those who need some confidence boost."

- Mrs Faull


"Heather Blackmore is a fantastic teacher. I met her whilst studying for a Performing Arts BTEC and she not only coached me in both Grade 8 Acting and Verse and Prose, but also offered invaluable support when I applied to study Drama at University. I received offers from Exeter, Birmingham and Kent, which I'm sure was at least in some part due to getting 90% in my LAMDA. She is patient, motivating, supportive, passionate about drama and encourages everyone to their full potential. I owe a lot of what I have achieved to her unwavering encouragement and dedication."

- Jocelyn Docherty, aged 23


"Heather is an amazing LAMDA teacher. She puts no pressure on us so we feel relaxed and she is really great fun! She has definitely helped me with my confidence. I ADORE her lessons!"

- Grace, aged 10


"We have really noticed an enormous difference in Graces confidence since she has started her LAMDA lessons. She reads with so much more confidence and enthusiasm and she looks forward to her lesson with Heather every week. We recently watched her perform her LAMDA piece and were so impressed with how far she has come in such a short space of time. We were seriously blown away by the performances of the students. We really feel that Grace is benefiting from her lessons with Heather on many levels, but most importantly she has fun and really has developed a passion for performing! Thank you!"

- Carol Dodson