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Professional Development Testimonials

"I needed help with preparation for a marked talk for my M.A. and got in touch with Heather via her website. She could not have been more helpful, more enthusiastic or more confidence boosting. She taught me how to improve my delivery, to breathe more slowly and to cope with stress and also worked to improve my content. The talk went very well in the end and I feel more confident for the future. She is an utterly delightful and very gifted teacher and I really couldn't recommend her more highly. As I move into a career in academia and will thus be required to speak publicly on a more frequent basis, I know she will invaluably helpful. I very much look forward to working with her again."

- Eleanor, Winchester


"Heather helped me to gain confidence, connect with my audience and project my voice through public speaking. I felt ready, prepared and relaxed to preform my presentation with her expertise. I received positive feedback and more importantly, enjoyed the process rather than the usual dread of such events. She helped me through every step from content, to dramatic pauses! I would highly recommend her."

- Charlotte Maybin, Property Stylist